About Us

Hello, I appreciate you looking in to our establishment further, who we are is important and should give some insight as to why we strive for quality outcomes.

We are a family run business and have been for some twenty-five years now.

My name is Tony, and I am the director and principle plumber, I have been working Alpine Plumbing in its capacity as a plumbing, drainage and gas fitting service since its establishment.

Alpine has developed a wide and varied skill set over the years within the trade and has experience in:- New Work, Renovations, Maintenance, High rise, LP & Natural Gas installs, Roof work and Backflow prevention to name just a few. So I am very confident we can cover any plumbing problems you may find yourself embroiled in.  

I love nothing more than to have someone like yourself provide me with a plumbing problem and coming up with the correct solution for a reliable outcome.

My biggest bugbear out in the field are the pretenders, time and time again we find ourselves being called to substandard plumbing work which may or may not have been installed by someone qualified. This substandard work usually becomes an impost on someone further down the track, and I cannot help but feel this to be unjust.

I will answer my phone, should I miss the call due to having my hands full I will call you back as soon as possible (Providing your number did not come up as “silent”).