Backflow Prevention


Backflow prevention is a highly regulated area of the plumbing trade with each backflow prevention device / valve registered with the local council, stamped with their own individual serial number they must be tested each year to show they are in fact working, with a test report / certificate issued to council for compliance. 

If they are found to be faltering, they “must” be repaired and retested with a record of events submitted to the local authority. 

Essentially, a backflow prevention device is a device in the reticulated potable water supply that prevents the possible syphoning of contaminated water back into that potable water supply. 

They are often found connected to plumbing from which potable water is drawn for purposes that have a “potential risk” of allowing contaminants to be drawn back under certain circumstances, such as on irrigation systems that draw water from the town water supply, or a tap next to a grease trap used to hose out and clean the grease trap. 

There is a wide and varied range of applications for backflow devices, but they must all be registered with council and tested each year with the results submitted to council. 

Let us take the worry out of this procedure and we will keep your backflow valves operational and tested / registered for you.

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