Hire Equipment | Mobile Sink Hire

Hire equipment is a relatively new area we are starting to offer to our general clientele. We have had the service in place for some time for our commercial clients, generally in the hospitality industryThe more popular items are the mobile   
sink units. Commercial mobile sinks with hand wash basin facility and their own hot water
delivery system.

They can be set up as free standing, or put in place as a compliment to any temporary kitchen servicing a function or festival.

They can be temporarily piped to a nearby water supply and drainage system, “or” connected to an independent water supply and drainage system.

In other words we can create a working sink unit with hot and cold  water provisions at just about any festival, sporting event or exhibition you need.

 Ask us about our temporary gas set up installs for cooking needs, need to run a couple of LP gas BBQ’s and deep fryers, maybe a kebab machine or chicken rotisserie, no problem, we can even organise the gas supply. 

Give us a call!. 

Life is easier when the plumbing is right”. 

  • Mobile kitchen sinks
  • Temporary gas set up