It pays to follow proper tiling procedures!


"It pays to follow proper tiling procedures in order to save time and money!"

Hello all,

Thought today I would show you a sample of the sort of thing that makes for frustration for your plumber, making the job he is trying to achieve more difficult and therefore more costly for the client.

We went to a home with a leaking main toilet seal discharging water to the floor each time they flushed the loo, over the phone the description sounds standard enough and we gave a price to replace the said seal.

But as is becoming more and more prevalent in this day and age of "Do It Yourself", the situation was not as standard as we would have believed.

The conventional way to install a toilet suite is to have the pan sit "on" the finished surface of the floor (more than likely tiled) and the cistern sit "on" the tiled wall (possibly painted or tiled).

But as you can see by the photos accompanying this submission, this poor home owner has bought a house renovated by a DIY hero who has done some very shonky tile work in the toilet cubicle by tiling "around" not only the toilet bowl on the floor, but "around" the cistern on the wall "and" the tap on the wall as well???

Honestly, .....Who does this kind of mongrelisation?

The owner is now looking at a major renovation to his toilet cubicle if he wants to install a new toilet suite because some clown was too lazy to do the job properly (Remove the toilet suite before tiling) in order to save time and a few bucks before selling off the home.

The problem here is that very few toilet suites leave the same "footprint" when removed, so when you take out a toilet suite mongrelised like this, you can rarely find a new suite that will cover the old footprint through the tiles, particularly in this day and age when toilet suites are in fact getting smaller (particularly the cisterns).

The other problem is that if you do not remove the old tiles, it can often change the height requirements of the toilet pan install, this may not necessarily be a problem on the first retile, but we have had to alter outlet drains from a toilet because the floor has been retiled three or four times, each new floor on top of the last.

This multiple tiled floor on to a tiled floor can change the height requirements significantly for the toilet pan and make for a complicated plumbing alteration, just becuase a tilier has gotten lazy and does not want to do the hard yards to produce the correct outcome.

I have to tell you, after many years of working in the building game and renovation market, the quality of renovation work has plulmmeted to a murky depth since the surge in the DIY renovation bonanza period.

So as the great talk back radio legend use to say "you all be kind to each other" when considering your next DIY project, because remember, someone else is doing up your next home.

Keep the standards high so we can all sleep with confidence.

Catch you next time.

By Tony