Pre-purchase Inspections

Pre-purchase plumbing inspections are an investment in themselves.

Whilst not every aspect of an existing dwellings plumbing can be sighted, you might be surprised at what the experienced eye can pick up and give advice on. Anything from taking into account the age of an existing hot water system, to signs of drain clearing equipment having been used on the premises, to possibly illegal or inappropriate plumbing practices having been performed.

We can provide a level of pre-purchase inspection ranging from a simple walk around a prospective property, which can highlight possible storm water issues, through to an in depth inspection on the household drainage involving a drain camera, giving video with audio commentary.

These inspections can potentially save you money buy bringing to light potential problems for you to take into consideration prior to making an offer on a premises. 

I have no doubt many have purchased properties only to inherit someone else’s known night mares. 

Give us a call!. 

Life is easier when the plumbing is right”.

 -Buying a home or investment property?