With the flood of pumps introduced into the residential market place in recent years, predominantly through the government backed introduction of rain water tanks, the presence of pumps has exploded in suburban back yards.

Pumps, being a mechanical item come with their fair share of problems that may need the attention of your local plumber. Pumps are a bit like people, they come in what seems an endless range of sizes, shapes, specific qualities for the job at hand and special requirements.

 A well chosen and placed pump can service your needs for years; a poorly thought out choice inappropriately installed can be a very brief relationship indeed.

Pumps can be very specific in their application. “Pumps aint Pumps” if you understand what I’m alluding to.

 We can review your specific circumstances and provide and install the right pump for your needs. 

“Keep the pressure on”

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Life is easier when the plumbing is right 

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