Storm Water

Storm water is often the most underestimated aspect of construction development, especially in the residential market place.

It would also have to be the least considered aspect of yard development no matter the age of the home.

Time and again, it’s not until a home is fully developed / landscaped and looking aesthetically pleasing that the reality of inadequate storm water provisions becomes apparent.

Probably the biggest problem in this area is the constant neglect to design storm water for the single worst monsoonal day of the year, rather than the average rain fall for a week.

It’s no good designing storm water to cater for the average rainy day if the yard / garage or patio are going to flood every year during the peak rainy season.

We have seen countless built in areas under existing dwellings become heartbreak because of a lack of adequate drainage behind a retaining wall.

Storm water done properly with adequate consideration can be the difference between sitting back during the rains with a hot coffee, or being out in the rain with your gum boots on trying to keep the water out.

Don’t leave storm water considerations too late because it ends up a more costly exercise once landscaping has been established.

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